International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN

ISSN: 0973-6875

Publication Ethics

The International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN (ISSN: 0973-6875) is a print peer reviewed international journal upholding the premier standards. Articles which are not appropriate to publication ethics will be rejected for publication. Plagiarism and research falsehood such as manipulation of data, tables etc. will also be checked properly. The journal reserves the right to verify plagiarism for screening submitted papers at any time and suspected plagiarism will be reported to the authors immediately.

Authors must ensure that
1. Their work is original
2. Their work have not been plagiarized in whole or part from any other research work must not have been published elsewhere
3. They are responsible for language editing before submission
4. Articles should be submitted using online procedures.

Editor must ensure that
1. Single blind peer review of the submitted research paper for publication
2. All the information related to the submitted research paper is kept as confidential before publishing

Reviewers should see to that
1. Giving inputs to Editorial Decisions through editorial communication with the author assisting to improve the research paper
2. Confidentiality is maintained regarding the submitted research paper by way of no discussion with others except those authorized by the editorial board
3. Promptness in informing the editor about his inability to review the research paper
4. Maintain objectivity standards of the journal with clear views without any personal criticism