International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN

ISSN: 0973-6875

Call for Paper

Researchers working in various academic fields are encouraged to submit their ‘original research articles’ and ‘review articles’ for the upcoming issue of the ‘peer-reviewed International Journal’ published by the Haldia Institute of Technology.

Scope of the Journal
Articles from any of the following are welcome:
a. All basic science fields
b. All engineering field
c. Management based fields

Submission Deadline: 
Submit Process: Via E-mail

A general guideline for the author is given below.
Manuscripts should be approximately 5000-8000 words, typed in single space.
Manuscripts should he submitted along with a soft copy of e-mail.
Articles should accompany an abstract of about 120 words.
Tables and figures should be placed within the text where applicable. Tab should be used for spacing.
Footnotes: All notes should be indicated by serial numbers in the text.
References: All references should be properly cited (by numbers) within the text followed by detail in the reference section at the end of the article. All the reference in the “Reference” should be cited in the same order as within the text.
Reference Style: Author names; Journal Name, Vol. (Year) Page.
Authors should be responsible for any plagiarism issue.
After acceptance authors should submit signed copyright form (will be provided with the acceptance letter).

Thanking you.
Editorial Team