International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN

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Assessment of the spatio-temporal dynamics of the ...

N. K. Yadav, A. Santra, A. K. Samanta, A. Kumar, S...

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Graphical Password Authentication Using Modified I...

A. N. Shah, D. Anand, S. Samanta and D. Dey...

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Synthesis of 1-Methoxyphenanthrene by Palladium-Ca...

Rathin Jana, Department of Chemistry, Shahid Mat...

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A Proposed Method for Detecting Broken Bar Locatio...

Ujjal Dey*, Dilip Dey, Sourav Tola and Ayandeep Ga...

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Message from Executive Editor

I am extremely happy that the 3rd Volume of the International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN has been published at a scheduled time. On that occasion, I wish to congratulate all Editorial Team Members for their tireless contributions toward its publication. I sincerely hope the readers will enjoy the collection of diverse research contains in this issue of Journal.

Dr. A. B. Maity
Executive Editor

Message from Technical Editor

It is indeed a great initiative of the Haldia Institute of Technology to publish the Technical journal titled “International Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN”. The publication of journals has now become an essential benchmark in the pursuit of quality higher education. The present journal is poised to publish the significant contributions and works by the faculty members of different institutions, researchers, and industry people in Fundamental Science, Engineering and Management. A technical journal is a potential platform to publish and disseminate knowledge about the recent trends and developments taking place all over the globe in different areas and disciplines.

In recent times, tremendous developments have taken place in science, technology, and management approaches, particularly in multi-disciplinary settings. Consequently, people ought to be exposed to the pros and cons of this development to enhance their knowledge and skill and stay competitive in this highly tumultuous global market. A journal can be of immense help in this regard. On the one hand, a reputed journal encourages research work, motivates innovative thinking, and bolsters teamwork; on the other hand, it helps knowledge gain and explores new avenues to problem-solving.

In this connection, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere regards and thanks to the members of the Technical advisory committee, Editorial Team members, and Publishing committee members for their contributions and relentless efforts to make the journal of international repute.

I wish that the credentials and reputations of the journal make a breakthrough in the academic fraternity and industry in the years to come.

Prof. T. K. Jana.
Dean – School of Engineering & Technical Editor,
Int. Journal of HIT Transaction on ECCN.
Haldia Institute of Technolohy